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With the exciting growth in the Canadian cannabis and marijuana market comes uncertainty and risk. Protect your product, business, property, and yourself with our comprehensive business insurance for cannabis operations.

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Cowan can provide cannabis business insurance tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're a Licensed Producer (LP) or the landlord of an LP, we help manage your risk now and as you continue to grow.

The risk of noncompliance in the Cannabis industry can result in any number of bad outcomes. We understand the cannabis industry and can help with the complexity of operating in such a heavily regulated environment.

No two cannabis operations are the same — so off-the-shelf insurance won't do. We provide customized scalable solutions with the right mix of liability coverage and protection against property loss.

Protect your cannabis business and anticipate future risk.

Liability Coverage for Cannabis Operations

Our Liability Coverage Solutions Include:

Product Liability

Licensed Producers are responsible for proper testing to ensure the cannabis and marijuana products sold are labelled correctly with the percentage of THC and other cannabinoids. Quality control of your products is essential to demonstrate due diligence on behalf of license cannabis producers.

Often times, a Health Hazard Exclusion has been inserted into base wordings for product liability to relieve cannabis insurers of any duty to defend a health-related suit — if you have this exclusion on your policy, you need to contact Cowan.

Cyber Liability

As a distributor of cannabis, you will be collecting personal information from medicinal marijuana license holders. You will be responsible for the safekeeping of personal information and can be held liable for data breaches or cyber hacks. Protecting this information is vital to business continuity.

Product Recall

As you can imagine, recalling cannabis and marijuana products can be very expensive — our package policy includes an extension to indemnify the insured for Recall Cost incurred as a consequence of mandatory instruction to a cannabis recall made by the Canadian Government and a separate extension for Voluntary Recall.

We also offer customized cannabis coverage solutions for:

  • Private / Public Directors & Officers Liability including Employment Practices Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Broad Form Vendors
  • Tenant Legal Liability
  • Errors & Omissions Liability

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Property Loss Coverage for Cannabis Operations

Our Property Loss Solutions Include:

Stock Coverage with Monthly Reporting

As licensed production of cannabis and marijuana increases, fluctuations in inventory are common. Monthly reporting ensures that accurate limits are insured to value. Due to requirements under the ACMPR, LPs are already required to report inventory so these numbers should be readily available.

Contamination Coverage

Unintentional alternation of stock or the introduction of foreign material or substance into the stock can cause massive setbacks for LPs. Our package includes coverage to protect your cannabis products.

Infestation Coverage

Protect your product from insects or vermin in numbers or quantities large enough to render the stock unfit for its intended utilization as determined by a government authority.

We also offer customized cannabis coverage solutions for:

  • Broad Form Building and Equipment
  • Business Interruption – Including Loss of Profits
  • Extra Expense
  • Property in Transit and Cargo Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage including Production Machinery
  • Buildings under Course of Construction or Renovation

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Excise Tax on Cannabis

As a condition of licensing, cannabis producers must provide an amount of security sufficient to ensure payment of the total amount of all applicable duties for any calendar month. Cowan can help you obtain that security by issuing a Surety Bond to cover the cost of associated duties.

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